Rosso Pirovano Italian Red Table Wine NV
August 18, 2008, 8:44 pm
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I’m always skeptical of the label “table wine”. These wines just seem fated for mediocrity and I don’t recall ever tasting one that transcends it. My first sips weren’t impressive, but I drank the whole bottle to be sure. At least it was consistent…

The nose of this Italian red got my hopes up for balanced berry and floral flavors, but the first sip is as exciting as indoor Olympic cycling—points for being topical.  This is in stark contrast to the knockdown finish of cherry sweet tarts. My mouth is currently puckered and my cheeks are starting to hurt a little from being clenched for the past hour. Where this wine skimps on complexity, it attempts to distract with acidity and sugar. I predict a headache from this one in the morning.

Had I actually read the back label prior to buying it, I probably would have been turned off by the contact email of msuehart@eartlink.net. I did not realize that a legitimate business could be run from an ISP email—at least not since 1998 and AOL.  But being steered away from a bad wine is worth half of finding a good one, right? Hopefully this wine will set the minimum standard and I can discuss wine rather than dubious importers. Do yourself a favor and just buy two bottles of Oxford Landing.

Price: $8.99

From: Whole Foods

Rating: 53