Go-To Wines

I wanted to name some of my fallback wines as it will take me some time to populate this blog with a decent selection of wines—I’m only one person with one liver. Although I am hoping to find some gems around $7 through this endeavor, these four wines are all moderately priced and widely available. Sometimes it can even be difficult to walk into a grocery store and not hear one calling your name as it perches over a sale sign. These wines all come from rather large vineyards and whatever vintage is in-stock is probably worth trying.

Castle Rock Pinot Noir ($10-$12)
Everyone seems to love this wine and it is very approachable. It is perfect for a party because everyone can find something in it that they like. There are multiple bottlings, but I’ve only tried the Sonoma County release. Supposedly the Mendocino County is even better. I’d say go with anything from Castle Rock.

Domaine Chandon Blanc de Noirs (~$16)
I have always struggled when picking out champagne or sparkling wine. I really only drink it on special occasions and I never really know who much to spend. In my opinion, this sparkling Californian wine beats of most other non-vintage champagnes. Another similarly priced and delicious bottle is from the New Mexican vineyard, Gruet. Even though this is more than I like to spend on wine, you gotta splurge on the bubbly.

Bonny Doon Pacific Rim Dry Riesling NV (~$9)
Forgive this wine for its girly bottle and ridiculous name. This wine will carry the takeout from your favorite Asian restaurant to new heights. Thai, Chinese, Sushi…you name it and this wine can take it. The bottle is immediately identifiable so it is especially easy to find in an unfamiliar grocery store. Plus, the Rieslings are usually right at the edge of the white wine section. If you can’t spot this bottle, it may be time to stop drinking anyway.

Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc (~$9)
When looking for a Sauvignon Blanc it would be hard to mess up with something from New Zealand. If you keep your eyes out for the word ‘Marlborough’—a region on NZ—you will not be disappointed. This wine, Nobilo, can be found everywhere—probably even in a nearby 7-11—and has all the great characteristics of Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs. This wine is perfect for a hot summer night and is packed with refreshing grapefruit, grass, and green apple flavors