Caves des Papes Cotes Du Rhone 2006
September 18, 2008, 10:22 pm
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French wines always scared me off because of their indecipherable  and unpronounceable labels. The labels are filled with some many words that they seem to describe the wines’ origins down to a specific square meter of vineyard. Plus, these words are in fifteen different fonts and letter sizes–none of which seems to correspond to a hierarchical system of information. It is utter chaos to me. Even if I enjoyed a French wine, I can never remember specific vineyards because they all begin with Chateau. Not to mention that Chateau is inevitably followed by words I am embarrassed to even attempt to pronounce. Finally, every damn bottle of French wine has an off-white label with an illustration of a Chateau smack-dab in the middle.

This rant is actually an explanation of why I caved and bought a French wine; the bottle was shaped funny. I know…very superficial reason, but I feel like a pirate when I drink from it. Plus, I knew I’d be able to remember it again.

This red is quite dry and light. Although the initial mouthfeel is slightly punishing, the finish is pleasant and floral.  Don’t expect this wine to hold up to anything much beyond salted nuts or mild cheeses. If you like drier reds, this $5 wine is up your alley; if not, you aren’t missing too much.

Price: $4.99

From: Trader Joe’s

Rating: 64


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