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August 17, 2008, 4:06 pm
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Robert Parker showing the wine his sexy face

Robert Parker showing the wine his sexy face

I hate Robert Parker’s rating system. Stuffing 80% of wines between 80 and 95 points wastes the whole scale and makes these ratings boring. Plus, scores are so inflated that truly great wines are barely distinguished from the rest of the field. I think RP is just afraid of pissing off the winemakers who send him all of those free bottles. I pay for my wine and have no problem being critical.

Furthermore, RP’s rating system allots 10% of points to appearance, 20% to aging, 30% to aroma and only 40% to the wine’s taste. Maybe I am a simpleton, but I’m not holding every glass of wine to the light, inhaling, swishing and spitting; I’m drinking. Wine should be rated as a gestalt and over multiple glasses. My rating has one category worth 100%—overall pleasure.

The ratings on this blog will tend to be significantly lower than Wine Spectator or magazines simply because I am an optimist. I think there is always going to be a better wine in my future and thus, I cannot give out a 100. If you see a 100 assume that Robert Parker is impersonating me or I am on my deathbed.

My Rating Guidelines
<50: Use only for spit-takes
50-60: Don’t bother
60-70: Utterly average
70-80: Buy, buy, buy
80-90: Absolutely do not miss
90-99: Run and buy every bottle in your zip code


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I full agree with your comments regarding Parker, he’s a sycophant and a sell out. Make these grape smashers work for their name.

Comment by dad

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